Professional Cockpit VR Training Systems

vr-training-for-airliner-cockpit Airlines & operators are always on the lookout to become more effective & efficient. Pilots are turning to more interactive ways of learning. Please check out the video below, showing how the latest in VR (virtual reality) for cockpit training works. This module saves airlines & operators thousands, by partially or even completely replacing the need for fixed-base simulators, suitable for the initial stages of a pilot’s conversion training to a new type.

Pilots are required to get familiar with cockpit setups & memorize a number of flows, when learning how to operate a new aircraft. Our solutions can replace costly, old fixed-base simulators that have no feedback for the pilot. Our solutions have full feedback with switch & system response & reactions, just like the real thing.

Developed over thousands of hours of work by pilots, developers & human factors specialists, airlines using our systems are saving money and enabling their pilots to accelerate their learning, ready to go to the next stage of training, faster than ever before. Pilots can even do this at home!

Video shows A320 family option, using HTC Vive VR equipment. Also in development for Oculus Quest VR hardware. We also have modules in development for; Boeing 737 family (all variants), A350, Boeing 777, 787 & more…

Please CLICK HERE to contact XFLASH Systems (select Aviation Visual & Training Aids from drop-down list) for more info, details or assistance you may require and we’ll be happy to help you right away & provide live demos to qualified clients. Direct Email: help [at]

We also have new & effective interactive training modules, now available for Cabin Crew Training (please CLICK HERE) and Ground Staff Training (please CLICK HERE)

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