How Virtual Reality (VR) Hand Tracking Works with Oculus Quest & Quest 2 Training

Here’s how hand & finger tracking works with the Oculus Quest & Quest 2. These new hand tracking features shown, are allowing people to interact with aviation & other precision industry VR apps, in ever more natural ways.

The tech behind these new capabilities has been refined over many years, and is now ready for business applications, in aviation and many precision industries.

This next video shows a VR application built to use hand tracking to steer a pushback tractor for an airport. In this example we are pushing back an A320. Why use a real aircraft (at over $35 Million) and an expensive pushback tractor for a new driver to learn the initial concepts, when the first few steps of training can be performed in VR?

See how hand-tracking can make your training simpler & faster; CONTACT US. More info & videos on VR training systems for aviation & more HERE

Hand-tracking & finger tracking can make your training faster, more effective & simpler; CONTACT US. More info & videos on VR training systems for aviation & more SEE HERE

Palm Pinch; look at your palm at eye level, then hold your thumb and index finger together until the icon fills up, then release.

Point and Pinch; when the cursor appears, point your hand at what you want to select. Then, pinch your thumb and finger together to select.

Pinch and Scroll; pinch your fingers inward. While still pinched inward, move your hand up, down, left or right to scroll. When you’re done scrolling, release.

Explore hand-tracking to make your training faster & more effective; CONTACT US. More info & latest videos on VR training systems for aviation & more WATCH HERE

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