New Anti-Icing Technologies

If you’re a decision-maker for an airline, operator or government agency, please request your info-pack below;

It can cost over $8,000 per flight to fully anti-ice an A380, and $6,000 per flight to anti-ice a Boeing 777. What if there was a way to reduce this cost by 50%, while maintaining safety and in a way approved by the FAA?

New technologies are here to reduce the cost of aircraft anti-icing by as much as 50% per flight. Please CLICK HERE to contact XFLASH Systems for more info, details, a personalized quote based on your aircraft, or assistance you may require and we’ll be happy to help you, right away!

Direct Email: help [at]

Roger Hall on LinkedIn: “See how airlines & operators…

See how airlines & operators can SAFELY SAVE MONEY this winter; Please request new info pack & discover how these low-cost, r…

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