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How to Boost Your Airline’s Bottom Line with a Chatbot / Virtual Agent

Financially astute operators are enhancing their airline’s bottom-line by adding a chatbot/virtual agent. Chatbots, both on the ground and in the air (no satcom needed) enhance passenger service & boost airline ancillary revenues by selling for you, without human input. The revenue options are almost endless – get ahead of your competitors. Infographic PDF & video below. FREE EVALUATION HERE for airline decision-makers (select “Passenger Chat/Chatbot” from the drop-down menu);

Yes! We also produce dedicated chat service systems for non-aviation industries – please contact us above.

Download Free Infographic: Chatbot/Virtual Agent & Implementation Ideas for Airlines

Quickly discover the many ways airlines & operators can boost service to passengers, while enhancing revenues with a chatbot/virtual agent system, as we progress through; booking, departure, in-flight & arrival phases. Seamless customer service on over 30 chat channels, with a single input by the airline.

click here to download PDF infographic (no email required)

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One Input by Your Airline or Airport Team, Can be Sent to Any One of Over 30 Messaging Channels, with XFLASH Chatbots!

New! Until now, airlines, airports & other industries lived a chat & logistics nightmare. Why? Because with so many messaging systems out there, it was virtually impossible to communicate with customers in the method of their choosing. Using XFLASH Systems proprietary systems, we can produce a chatbot for your organization that sends & receives via your customer’s favorite messaging platform, 24/7. Over 30 channels available, with one input. This simplifies life for your organization, because you can be 99% sure you’re able to communicate on your customer’s favorite platform. All with a SINGLE text or voice INPUT by your team.


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Key Channels Supported with XFLASH Systems Chatbots & Messaging (over 30 available!)


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Enhancing Response to Customers Doesn’t Have to be Expensive!

Another example; please see the video below to see how KLM is using Facebook Messenger to enhance customer service for their passengers;

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The following articles are from XFLASH Systems principal, Roger Hall, on how systems from XFLASH can be used in daily operations, for; airlines, governments and business jet operators;

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