Airborne Credit Card Authorization & Fraud Detection Systems

Cut Airborne Card Fraud Report (available to airline Management & industry professionals at link, below)

Airlines are more susceptible than most businesses, to credit card fraud. Why?

Because once an aircraft gets airborne, live security checks become a lot more challenging. Cabin connectivity for an aircraft just isn’t as easy as on the ground. Food & beverage purchases, duty-free sales, seat upgrades – these transactions are often performed in the air.

It’s estimated between 2%-5% of these airborne card transactions, end up costing the airline money. In addition to the problems caused by fraud, at times the card processing machine fails, or the crew lose the transaction record before they can deliver it to the airline’s office on the ground.

Without the real-time security checks & card authorizations we’ve come to take for granted on the ground, airlines are uniquely susceptible to; fraudulent purchases, delinquent cards & continued use of cards that have been withdrawn by the bank. Consider these statistics;

Xflash Systems has addressed the unique weaknesses of airborne card fraud checks. And we have developed new, low-cost card authorization solutions we’d like to show you. Bringing live fraud checks & real-time credit card authorizations into the air. With new comm & airborne card processing systems allowing your airline to substantially reduce, or even eliminate card fraud from; food & bev purchases, duty-free sales, seat upgrades on-board, ticket purchases & more.

If you’re airline or industry Management and would like to discover more, please use the link below to receive a free report & presentation from Xflash Systems on what we & our partner companies can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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