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Ending Mystery Airline Vanishings; this is how a new requirement from ICAO, GADSS, will help prevent awful disappearances of transport aircraft. Never again will events like these be a major thorn in the aviation industry’s side and reputation (see video, below).

GADSS is the; Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System. It’s already in place & being used by airlines, who have properly-prepared their aircraft (get free help, below).how GADSS works

Let’s look at three events and see how having GADSS compliant equipment on board would have told the world where the aircraft was, and what happened.

GADSS functions address the industry’s exposure to catastrophic aircraft losses. For example;

Example 1. Malaysian 370 – where did it go? GADSS would have helped because it provides constant, real-time tracking that cannot be switched off, from cockpit (if that’s what happened with Malaysian – we just don’t know).

Example 2. Air France 447- what happened to the aircraft? GADSS would have delivered real-time tracking & monitoring of pitch, roll, speed & all other important aircraft states.

With GADSS, The flight data recorder no longer needs to be recovered, to have a very good idea of what happened. Because the aircraft state is being transmitted, live, at all times.

Example 3. Swissair 111 – a catastrophic fire & more-or-less complete electrical failure – tracking was lost airborne, flight data recorders possibly damaged.

GADSS helps because of a 60 hr, internal battery, completely independent of aircraft electrical systems. has independent on-board MEMS gyros – keeps transmitting real-time data to Company & monitoring stations around the globe, multiple times per second, even in catastrophic events.

So there you have it. GADSS will remove unwanted mysteries from commercial aviation, and done right, at a reasonable cost. Airlines, operators and governments may contact us for free GADSS help, solutions & details, HERE

GADSS Requirements, Resources & Solutions

  1. ICAO – GADSS description & requirements (mandatory from 1st Jan 2025, for new aircraft manufactured/registered after Jan 2024);

2. ICAO – GADSS presentation (PDF) from the Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS)

Click to access GADSS-Mod7en.pdf

3. When do GADSS go live? (Airbus factory article);

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